Welcome to the Upper Kingdom: Home of Books by Paul Lefebvre

On the day she came home and told me she had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of colon cancer, Rocky set a bottle of champagne on the kitchen table.
“I bought it before seeing the doctor,” she said, smiling and holding me in her eyes. “I figured we’d drink it either way.”
I brought out the glasses and set them on the counter before going over to the bottle and popping the cork,
“Here’s to us,” I said, handing her a glass.
We each took a drink and then stood for a long time embracing. We were shy, private people who, as a friend once said, loved one another to the bone.
I was 61 and Rocky was 63 when she died. I wrote that I felt like a man falling through a trap door. What does a man do when he finds himself without the woman who was the great love of his life? I had no idea. continue reading…
Upper Kingdom's latest arrival is Crossing Jack Brook, a memoir about love and grief set in Vermont's most rural corner.

Upper Kingdom’s latest arrival is Crossing Jack Brook, a memoir about love and grief set in Vermont’s most rural corner.

camp from air copy

Mountain Street hunting camp with shadow of helicopter

IP Welcome copy

Sign at the eastern outskirts of town, with bullet hole

Moose country copy

Moose habitat in Upper Kingdom

El Totem pole close up copy 3

Lost Nation telephone-totem pole at Rocky’s cabin

Rocke & me @ camp copy 2

With Rocky at hunting camp

Upper kingdom form the air copy

A slice of Upper Kingdom, looking west from the Nulhegan River

Stained Alan's SP copy 2

Blue Sun medallion by Elin K. Paulson

Nulhegan Snake river copy

Nulhegan River as it flows into Connecticut River

Pete's Elin paint SP copy 2

Elin’s portrait, by Pete Miles

Stained Moon SP copy 3

Waiting for the Moon medallion by Elin K. Paulson

Cat by stephen copy 2

Moose-Moose by Elin K. Paulson

Elin's fall grave copy 3

Elin K. Paulson’s grave at Lost Nation

Ellen1 copy 2

Elin K. Paulson, taken at Pete Miles’ studio, Burke Hollow